Mia Warren Spellcaster

Mia Warren was born in Kassel on the 18th of June 1955. Her mom, just 17 years of age and living still with her moms and dads, brought to life a healthy infant woman and called her Mia. Dad of an infant was a Czech immigrant, who left under the war scenarios from Czech with his other half and kids.

At present, I am studying magic and its impact on the material world. One has to think initially, open to brand-new things and possibilities, and then, just then, the outcomes will come.

Mia’s grandmother was dealing with herbs, recovery, card reading and likewise with magic. And Mia looked at and questioned at all the things done by a grand-mother. Mia had to move with her mom to a brand-new country.

Little Mia experienced from the side of alcohol-addicted step-father just beating, embarrassment and sexual abuse. The grand-mother discovered her much about magic and herbs.

My goal in the field of magic is not to rule these powers. My goal is to help these powers and to support them so that it is produced more consistency, delight, and light in the world.