Bring back my ex love spell for free

Spell Ingredients

Picture of the ex
Picture of the ex’s new love

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Follow the simple and straightforward step by step guide below to cast a “bring back my ex love spell” for free.

  1. Write

    You’ll require a photo of your ex, likewise a photo of his/her girlfriend/boyfriend and you will write their names of the back of each respective photo.

  2. 1st chant

    Now take your ex’s image and state this.

    “I bind you quick,
    may my bind hold true,
    my magic work you have no idea,
    enjoy me and adhere to me like glue,
    for you are my infant boo.”

  3. 2nd chat

    Now take your ex’s brand-new partner image and chant this:
    “capture em excellent however I captured him initially,
    your love is too much for your thirst,
    now your love for him will end with a burst.”

  4. Burn it

    Take the exs brand-new partner’s image and burn it, spreading the ashes once burnt.

  5. Keep it

    Take ex’s picture and put it under your pillow for safekeeping.

Now you are aware of how to cast a bring back my ex love spell for free.

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