How to hex someone with a jealousy spell

Spell Ingredients

1 Black candle
1 Picture of the person
1 Pen

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Follow the below step by step instructions to learn how to hex someone with a jealousy spell.

  1. Write

    Compose the individuals name on their image

  2. Light

    light the candlelight

  3. Burn

    hold the photo over the flame and chant:

    “From now till it is now once again
    When this spell will end, that is
    What was done to me
    Shall now be done to you
    Feel my discomfort
    Amplified by 3
    As I will it
    It will be”

  4. Spread

    Allow the candlelight to burn out and spread the ashes outside

If you follow the above simple steps, then you now know how to hex someone with a jealousy spell.

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