Spell to make someone text you

Spell Ingredients

A candle in your favorite color
A green candle
A small knife
Cinnamon joss sticks
Cinnamon essential oil
Hyssop herb

This is a super powerful spell to make someone text you, that works by removing all feelings of jealousy from your intended target.

  1. Hyssop bath

    Have a cleansing hyssop bath to get rid of negativeness, then cast a magick circle.

    Beginning in the east, walk the space clockwise with a cinnamon joss stick in your right hand. Envision a blue sphere surrounding your house.

  2. Carve

    Utilizing the knife, engrave your name on the candlelight picked to represent yourself, and the jealous individual’s name on the green candlelight.

    Start so the name starts nearby the wick and goes down the candle.

  3. Bless

    Bless your candle with cinnamon oil and chant:
    “It is my will to eradicate jealousy from my life”.

    Now bless the green candle and chant:
    “This candlelight represents a jealous individual who will problem me no more”.

  4. Light

    Light both candles and chant:
    “I eradicate envy out of the door. May your spirit grow previous minor spite, to fill your soul with love and light”.

  5. Bind

    Bind the spell by chanting the below, whilst the two candles are burning.
    “I call on Earth to bind this spell,
    Air to speed its travel well,
    Fire bring spirit from above,
    Water fill this spell with love.
    This spell bound around will be,
    to trigger no damage nor return on me.”

You are now aware of how to cast a powerful spell to make someone text you. Be careful how you use this newfound power and be sure to only use it for good.

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