Love spell to End Confusion and find the truth

Spell Ingredients

3 candles to represent your feelings
Your Mythical Guardian

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Time needed: 1 hour.

If you desire to understand the fact about something, this is a spell you can utilize. This love spell to end confusion and find the truth among the most consistent at returning results and I hope it’s the exact same for you too.

  1. The candle

    Choose a candle color that represents what you feel about your confusion:
    Blue candle: Hopeless
    Red candle: Calm
    Orange candle: Love
    Yellow candle: Jealousy
    Purple candle: Happy
    White candle: Stressed

    Light the candles and allow to burn.

  2. The mythical guardian

    Your legendary animal or guardian would be something like your Djinn or guardian dragon or angel.

    It’s not needed, and this will still work if you do not have one, however, if you do, it simply ensures more effective outcomes.

  3. Sleep

    Whenever you go to sleep, or to take a nap, go through all your memories as your falling asleep. Be sure to include the situation in which you need guidance.

  4. Dream

    When you fall asleep, you’ll dream about a method or the response to fix your current situation and problem. It may take a while to comprehend due to the fact that your brain has an unusual method of providing things, especially when presented via a dream!

By following the simple steps outlined above, you can cast the perfect love spell to end confusion and find the truth, time after time.

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