How to get rid of negative energy attached to you

As a professional and incredibly experienced spellcaster, one of the most helpful methods I teach is how to get rid of the negative energy attached to you. Negative energy presents itself as high vibrations and all of us must clear negative energy routinely. We should clear our aura and keep our homes, cars and work environments free from negative energy.

Everybody gets negative energy without even recognizing it.

Negative energy can connect to you simply as positive energy can. When it is not cleared, the concern begins. The old energy gets into your body and remains. These negative energy ways you down and triggers your energy level to decrease.

Negative energy attracts negative occasions, individuals and situations. It collects under particular conditions rapidly and knocks you off your natural balance and wellness. If you believe that negative energy has attached itself to you, there are indications to enjoy out for. Various scenarios may point to negative energy affecting you, and everyone may have distinct situations with this. Search for anything that is not normal for you and that is negatively affecting your life.

How to get rid of negative energy

1. Brush the negative energy off your body.
One method to get rid of negative energy is to brush your body off. Envision all of the negative energy that your body is holding simply dropping off of you while you are brushing yourself.

2. Bathe away the negative energy.
A nice long bath will always help to remove negative energy and lactic acid that becomes built up over time. Get a handful of unprocessed sea salt– Celtic or Himalayan; do not utilize salt– and put into a hot bath. I recommend setting an intent while you’re soaking to launch all negativeness and boost the cleaning of your body and aura.

3. Get rid of negative energy with a cleansing lawn.
If you don’t feel like you need to yawn, try to make yourself do it. Be sure to breath nice and deeply when you do and you will feel amazing.

4. Clear your aura.
Cleansing your aura is an excellent method to get rid of any bad energy that might have connected to you. Set aside sometime every day to focus on your spirituality and clean your aura. Try to do this at least once a week as it’s a handy habit to develop.

5. Adopt a tree to get rid of negative energy.
Embracing a tree can assist get rid of negative energy from your individual. The stronger the emotional bond you form with this tree, the more effective the tree becomes at removing negative energy.

6. Dance away the negative energy.
Dancing is an excellent type of tension release and can make you a lot better. When you are dancing, it’s tough to remain unfortunate. When you dance your heart out to your preferred tunes, the negative energy will fall off of you.  

7. Play the drums to some drum music.
Listening or playing drums is a fantastic method to get rid of negative energy from both your mind and body. If you are stuck for inspiration, then search for Drumming on YouTube and you will have millions of songs instantly. Remember, you can drum with your hands and fingers to help force the negative energy out of your body.

8. Pull your energy away from that negative person.
If this is the case, you ought to pull your energy back from that individual. To do this, envision that you are taking all of your energy away from that individual and out of them.

9. White light yourself and protect against negative energy.
Utilizing white light is another excellent alternative for getting rid of bad energy that might have connected itself to your body. See that light gradually getting brighter and producing a defense barrier around you.

10. Use smudging sticks to rub out negative energy.
You can help the negative energy leave your body, by picturing it floating out of the windows. You can smear your PC or laptop if you are having technical issues. Smear your wallet if you have money or debt issues. After you have smeared your body, go through space you remain in, and even much better, go through your entire home.

Let the smoke from the smearing stick envelop the entire area. Make certain that you even get under all of the furnishings. Among the indications of negative energy being connected to you is that electronic devices that you utilize will break down. Smearing can be a fire hazard, so be sure to have a plate ready to catch any falling embers. White Sage, Rosemary, Mugwort, Cedar, and Sweetgrass are generally considered the best herbs to use when smearing.

To effectively smear, very first light the spot stick with a flame. Smearing is a typical strategy utilized by lots of to eliminate negative energy.

11. Take back your positive energy and power.
Take back your favorable energy by making it your intent. Voice this intent out loud that you just have favorable energy and that no negative energy is enabled. State that all negative energy is eradicated from you and no longer has any power over you.

12. Reiki to get rid of negative energy.
Reiki can be an effective method to eliminate bad energy from an individual’s body and mind. One can make Reiki signs with hands to clean out locations from bad energies. This is likewise a fantastic method to clear an office or home location from bad energy.

13. Use holy water to remove attached negative energy.
Holy water is stated by numerous who are of specific faiths to work effectively. Use the holy water to draw a picture of the cross at each entrance to your home.

14. Chant a protection prayer or mantra.
There are lots of defense prayers and mantras that you can state to resolve negative energy. Tell the negative energy to leave your body. Use your belief method to thank whomever you see fit for providing you with this opportunity to remove all negative energy.

15. Make figure eight movements.
Making figure 8 motions can enhance your aura and battle off bad energy. Move your arms as if you were drawing out a figure 8, nearly as if you were performing an orchestra.

16. Break up the negative energy with a rattle.
Utilizing a rattle is one method for getting rid of bad energy from your body and mind. Shake it, dance to eat and enjoy yourself – it’s that simple!

17. Clap your hands together to repel negative energy.
You can clap to a beat, sing while clapping, or even dance while clapping. Avoiding while clapping and singing will assist raise your vibration even more and make you even better.

18. Act carefree and skip like a child.
A terrific method to get rid of negative energies is to act like a kid once again. Quickly enough, you will be having enjoyable and will not have to attempt to keep these negative ideas away.

19. Use pine for protection from negative energies.
Pine needles can help to remove any negative energy attached to you. As an added bonus, they smell amazing too. In order to ensure success, always thank the Pine for helping you remove negative energy.

20. Laugh away attached negative energy.
Chuckling is one of the finest methods to make you feel much better in practically any scenario. When you laugh, you are developing a greater vibration which will get rid of any lower vibrations that negative energy has. When you are feeling down, however, particularly if negative energy has connected itself to your individual, chuckling might be extremely hard.

21. Use herbs to get rid of attached negative energy.
There are many different herbs that can be used to remove negative energy. Cook with the herbs, grow the herbs or simply smell the herbs. Do what feels right for you.

22. Burn candles.
Burning specific candle lights can push back negative energy from a space or your mind and body. The flame of the candle is incredibly powerful and will absorb any negative energy in the vicinity. Open the windows and let the white candle light cleanse your environment and energy system.

23. Burn orange & lemon peels.
Burning orange peels or lemon peels can assist get rid of any bad energy that might be troubling you. Utilize a grater to get some peels off of either a lemon or orange. Essential oils are not as effective as using real peels. I would spend time ensuring you have the actual peels.

In conclusion:
There are many methods and even more reasons to learn how to get rid of negative energy attached to you. Negative energy is part of the human energy field, a fact of life and we will all be exposed to it at some point.

Remember, negative energy is sticky and attracted by negative people. Try to remain positive wherever possible, as negativity attracts negativity.

The law of attraction will always work at the highest vibrations level. Remember, nobody wishes to be around somebody who has negative tension.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post explaining how to get rid of negative energy attached to you and as always, if you have any questions just get in touch.

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