One of the most talented young spell casters of our time, Mia Warren is dedicated to helping others achieve the life of their dreams, as well as to her mother and sister. The infant child of a mother who became a traveling theatrical artist and dancer, she had been born in Nevada. Later, when she was twelve, her family moved to Paris and there, “she had a profound magical experience in life that changed her life forever”, said her mother.

Since she was very young, she learned the magic and spell-casting methodologies of famous witches and druids, but when she entered her adult life, she did not want to be just another selfish witch.

Mia Warren made her professional witch debut at the age of twenty-one. And she was quickly noticed by the greatest spell casters of the day.

She worked at a variety of magic spells and was a soon a teacher and mentor to other witches. One of her most famous love spells was responsible for the relationship between Barack and Michelle Obama!

When Warren left New York for California, she met her future husband and they eventually married. They now live in Venice Beach, California.

You can read more about the types of spells Mia Warren specializes in, on her About Mia page.